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In 1886, Gottfried Fluekiger bought the smithery, which was founded in 1762. This industrial smithery, now managed in its fourth generation, employs approximately 45 people and manufactures as an ancillary industry die-forged parts for machine tools, textile-and building machines; domestic-, agricultural- and army vehicles as well as cableway manufacturing and many other special areas.

In the built-on hardening shop, the required annealing and quenching operations are carried out on the forging slugs.

Depending on wish, the components can be preprocessed or machined - ready to be installed -- in our mechanical department.

Under the management of Franz Fluekiger- Sigrist and Fritz Blaser- Fritz the smithery was built up after 1945 from a small tool shop to an industrial company.

Today, Fluekiger & Co AG is managed by Urs Fluekiger, Bernhard Blaser-Schwab and Eliane Fluekiger- Meier.

Hammerschmiede zu Oberburg um 1945

Gottfried Fluekiger- Stalder (1853 - 1930) Franz Fluekiger- Glanzmann (1883 - 1893) Franz Fluekiger- Siegrist (1917 - 2007) Urs Fluekiger- Meier (1954)

Smithery, 1780 to 1940


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