Production Facilities


In the stamp shop one finds, beginning May 2003, seven new universal usable production groups with sizes 12.5 to 125 kJ power of impact at your disposal.

This allows forging of blanks between a few grams to a 100 kg mass of steel. Of course, all forgeable materials can be shaped with this equipment.

In addition, there are two horizontal forging machines between 80 to 160 tons pressure- and locking force at your disposal. This makes it possible to upset flanges up to a diameter of approximately 95 mm.

Additionally, the possibility exists by means of presses with a pressing force between 10 to 400 tons to carry out several upsetting -, bending-, pressing-, and stamping jobs. Depending upon your request and material used -- hot or cold formed.

Mechanical processing

Aside from forging die-, stamp-, upsetting- and bending tools, in our mechanical department forged parts are based on your wishes and specifications pre- or final machined.

Several possibilities at our disposal are conventional lathe-, drilling-, and milling machines, two lowering erosion machines and two CAM-milling machines with duplicating possibility.

For the CNC-fabrication, we operate each a milling and a lathing center.

We are able to offer vendor parts made out of metal, from the design to machined ready to be installed condition “from one hand.”

Maintenance/ Weldingshop

Maintenance work is absolutely necessary. At our large machinery plant, all repairs and services with exception of special works are carried out in our own workshops.

With our experience and existing infrastructure, designing and fabricating of spare parts is possible in-house. This service is also available for third parties.

Our fitter’s shop has, aside from its electrode-, MAG and TIG welding facilities, a large torch-cutting facility at its disposal for cutting thicknesses of –depending on steel quality – maximum 250 mm.

Stock of forging dies

Our stock of forging dies has room for over 2000 implements.

We store the implements for our customers up to 10 years free of charge, after receiving the last purchase order.

This allows a fast access to the forging dies, which therefore increases the availability for delivery.


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